Keisuke Jinba , Daisuke Abe , Bertrand Planes
2017.05.12(Friday) - 2017.06.03(Saturday) OPENING PARTY : 2017. 5. 12 fri 18 : 00 - OPEN :tue - sat | 12 : 00 - 19 : 00 
CLOSED : Sunday and Monday

Tezukayama Gallery is excited to present “Dialogue”, a group exhibition by Keisuke Jinba, Daisuke Abe and Bertrand Planes.

The three directors of Tezukayama Gallery, each enthusiastically selected these three artists who are dierent in age, nationality and expression methods. The approach and concept for each artist’s work is dierent, however one common thing stands out, that is that they face the question of “what is the value of things?” and create artwork with a strong presence. With a gurative dialogue these three young artists convey an awareness of real values in our chaotic information overloaded society.


Keisuke JINBA
Lives and works in Kyoto prefecture
1985 Born in the Aichi prefecture
2009 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts and Crafts at the Kyoto Art and Design University
2011 Completed a master degree at the Kyoto Art and Design University
Always, with a perhaps media agnostic approach to his work, Jinba expresses his physical experiences and feelings through paintings, sculptures and also photographs. In this exhibition, we will mainly showcase his painting work.
As an example of his work, Jinba draws a particular favorite item such as a pair of glasses, a notebook or even a belt and then proceeds to cover this drawing with a transparent surface. At a rst glance it might look like a at printed image but it will no doubt evoke various visual experiences and maybe even questioning the painting itself.


Daisuke ABE
Lives and works in Aichi prefecture
1977 Born in Kyoto prefecture
2002 Granduated from Kyoto Seika University
2004 Completed Granduate School at Aichi Prefectural Univer sity of the Arts
Abe creates works based on printmaking, peeling o of daily products to create various patterns reaching from the oor to the ceiling. One of his methods involves a molded foam binder shape, by applying heat to the foam surface it will change abnormally, and the function and form of the original substance becomes unclear, paradoxically the existing substance is claried.


Bertrand PLANES
Lives and works in Paris
1975 Born in Perpignan, France
2001 Granduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London
2002 Completed diploma at the École Supérieure d’Art de Grenoble
2004 Completed diploma at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
He participated in a group exhibition of French artists entitled “1.Certains Regards” at Tezukayama Gallery in 2016. He is a resident artist at Villa Kujoyama 2017 which is an establishment of Institut français du Japon. While thinking about the purpose and essence of “art”, he creates works reecting the sarcastic perspective of the use of digital technology in our lives, with interest in the relationship between humans and machines in modern society.
In this exhibition, we will present “Bumpit ! “ his long-term project started in 2006. “Bumpit ! “ an installation piece based on a video projection has been shown in various locations and was created in collaboration with researchers from the National Research Centre of France (CNRS). Bertrand Planes is also known as a lead artist for projection mapping.

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