2018.07.06(Friday) - 2018.07.14(Saturday) OPENING PARTY :07. 07 (Sat) | 19 : 00 - 【Artist】 Seiji ARUGA, Akira ISHIGURO, Ken-ichiro ISHIGURO, Heishiro ISHINO, Wataru ITO, Hiroko UEHARA, Toru KAMEI, Yoshihiko SATOH, HARUKA, Takahiro HIRABAYASHI, Ryo MATSUMOTO, Ai MAKITA, Shigeyuki MIZUNO, Aiko MORIMOTO, Haruo MITSUTA,Takato YAMAMOTO, Takahiro YAMAMOTO 【Curator】 Tsutomu Ikeuchi (Röntgenwerke AG) OPEN : MON - SUN | 12:00 - 19:00 *Open throughout the term of exhibition.   As an answer to the feeling of blockage of Japanese art, “巧術 KOH-JUTSU” series exhibition started in 2010. We have held 14 times including spin-off exhibitions such as Tokyo, Kanazawa and Taipei. The venues were galleries, art centers, art fairs and department stores and so on. Both have pursued a consistent concept of the theme "possibility of human expression by hand". It was a great pleasure for us that these works beyond genres such as arts, crafts, figures and models gave surprises and impression to many people. This summer, with the title of "敷衍 FU-EN" (meaning to spread things), the "巧術 KOH-JUTSU" series exhibition will finally be held in Osaka. Please expect a competition by 17 artists including TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY’s Hiroko Uehara.
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ART TAIPEI 2018 | Taiwan

2018.10.26(Fri) - 2018.10.29(Mon)