Heartbeat Hiroko Uehara FRI 23 NOV - SAT 22 DEC 2012
02 TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to announce “Heart beat” by Hiroko Uehara, the last solo exhibition this year, also part of the OAC (Osaka Art Complex)Vol.5 Uehara was born in 1985 and completed a master course at the Kyoto City University of Arts this year. At university she mainly created paintings but recently she has been focusing more on sculptures in order to find more possibilities on how to express herself. Her sculptures take advantage of the carefull observant and descriptive power used on her painting. For example, she expresses very well her creatures’ realistic soft skin on which one can almost see their blood vessels, this gentle facial expression became representative of Uehara's style. Her works have been introduced all over the world and are highly reputed. Most of her works combine plants and humans, making us imagine various scenes. Some might imagine the image of a plant’s proliferation eroding and eradicating humans. Or some might imagine the happiness of the birth of a new organism and their coexistence. This confliction of images in her art work depends on the viewers, it might, perhaps be a reflection of ourselves. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Artist Statement For example, The hand is stretching for somebody, The leaves and branches are stretching for sun Relationships spread like a spider web on each encounter. The variety of forest plants rooted on earth spread like a net Humans and plants live in the same planet, changing, rotting and moving on to the next generation. These are common points of my perspective, I combine them and create. Both are very close to me, sweet, and also mysterious creatures.