Something like it: it is clear Akiko Sumiyoshi FRI 25 NOV – SAT 23 DEC 2011
04 TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is delighted to present Something Like It - It is clear - , solo exhibition by Akiko Sumiyoshi. We have been working with her since 2008 when the gallery started as a primary gallery. Akiko Sumiyoshi has always focused on animals to create her works and these have been loved around the world. The models are real or unreal animals, but they are recreated to be reborn as new creatures through her. Their eyes are full of life and bring out the audience emotions. In this exhibition, we would like to show the artist's concept and thoughts representing the animals' eco-system in the gallery main place along with her sketches and notes of her research in the gallery sub space. In addition, this exhibition will be part of the Osaka Art Complex Vol.4. We look forward to seeing you at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY.