1. Certains Regards à Osaka -Group exhibition of French artists- in OSAKA
Art 7ten企画
2016.11.25(Friday) - 2016.12.24(Saturday) Reception Party: FRI 29 OCT. | 18:00 - OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00

Bertrand Planes, Julien Levesque, Émilie Duserre, Brodbeck & de Barbuat, Marc-Antoine Garnier

This exhibition is orgnised by Art 7ten (Association Franco-Japonaise pour l’Art Contemporain).

Art 7ten is excited to announce its first exhibition titled “ 1. Certains Regards” a dual exhibition starting in Osaka on the 25th of November 2016, where works by French artists will be exhibited. “1. Certain Regards” will then relocate to Paris in January 2017, this time presenting works by Japanese artists.

In Osaka, Art 7ten will be supported by Tezukayama Gallery, one of the best contemporary art galleries in Osaka, who will collaborate with Art 7ten to run two exhibitions. Here we proudly introduce 4 solo artists and 1 duo from France with a variety of work comprising photography, sculpture and film etc.

France is perhaps one the most enchanting countries for Japanese people and there are even some common points between these two countries. Both nations respect traditions and cherish beautiful and ephemeral things, however the views on many things diverge, no doubt taking into account the very different background of history, culture and religion.

Contemporary art in France tends to attach importance to the concept; the viewers are attracted to the novel thoughts the works communicate with them.

On the other hand, in Japan, contemporary art works can be very detailed utilizing high skills, which reflects a strong but yet delicate mentality, seeming to gather a sense of sympathy from the viewers.

With this project, Art 7ten seeks to create new perspectives between two countries allowing two sets of different viewers, although in different places, to try to understand and take into consideration different views, and communicate through art.

We would like to introduce this group of French artists who work and live in France. We hope to provide an opportunity to showcase some of the French art scene.