Collectors’ Collective vol.4 Osaka
Various Artists
2021.01.22(Friday) - 2021.02.20(Saturday) - OPEN : Tue - Sat | 12:00 - 19:00
CLOSED : Sun, Mon, Holiday
Collectors' Collective

*Due to the current world situation of Novel Coronavirus(COVID 19), please wear mask and use hand sanitizer when you visit.
We are ventilating our gallery and practicing the COVID19 preventions such as washing our hands, gargling, sanitizing, wearing mask.
We are sorry for your inconveniences.
If you have any questions or cannot visit our gallery while this exhibition, please send us email and we will be in touch with you.


【About Collectors’ Collective】

This exhibition is the collectors’ exhibition which will be hold by three collectors who has active relations with artists and other collectors from West Japan. We exhibited this exhibition three times in Tokyo and this will be the first time to hold this exhibition in Osaka.

Main difference compare to the other collectors’ exhibition is that visitors can purchase the art works that are being exhibited.

We will not only show the collections of collectors and their favorite works, but also provide the opportunities to purchase the work of newsworthy artists from Kansai area and other famous artists.


【Two characteristics of this exhibition】

1)Three collectors will exhibit their collections
2)Three collectors will pick the newsworthy artists of 2021. 14 artists will reveal their new works and sale.

[Collectors / Artists]
Collector: Yuya Harima
Artists: Miho Iida / Azusa Ishihara / Mimura Saya / Nonomi Miyahara / Chihiro Yamada

Collector: Satoshi Arita
Artists: Azu / Daisuke Ida / Yuki Ideguchi / Yurina Okada / Suzuka Toyoda

Collector: Masaya Yoshida
Artists: Gaku Kurokawa / Nana Kuromiya / Aine Jo / Yumi Nakata