FOCUS -Four Painters-
Various Artists
2020.06.26(Friday) - 2020.08.01(Saturday) - OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00


TEZUKAYAMA is pleased to present the director selection exhibition “FOCUS -Four Painters-”.
The exhibition reflects the unique angles of the directors who select each two artists. It is a collection of the works from four artists with different presentations and concepts. Still, it’s an exploration of the similarities of the discernible expressions in the creation of “painting”.We would like present these four young artists who are rising talents.

【Participating Artists】

Saya Mimura
Born in Mie in 1997. Currently studying in the master course in Kyoto University of the Arts.
Shadow under the sun, sounds of woods in the wind, temperature in sensation, and odor of air.
By saving the trifles and routines in everyday life in drawings and photos, and by substituting them for silkscreen and painting, “instants” are captured on screen. The work has a feel of floating like a daydream, sophisticated lines, and soft colors.

Naoko Murata
Born in Osaka in 1984.
Graduated from the Japanese Painting Course, Faculty of Art of Kyoto Seika University in 2006.
Collage works with photos and others, as well as creations of mainly abstract paintings based on them.
Visualizing ambiguous and ephemeral “time” while overlapping geometric patterns and vigorous strokes. With minimized composition of colors, the powerful strokes and combination still make her works vivid even in silence.

Tomoshi Yasuda
Born in Hokkaido in 1985.
Graduated from Oil Painting, Department of Fine Arts of Kyoto Saga College of Arts (Currently known as Saga University of Arts).
At first glance, it is difficult to understand Yasuda’s paintings, which are all like mere, uniform accumulation of strokes. Yet, images gradually appear along the increasing distance from the screen. By the deliberate creation of boundary line between the viewer and the work and intentionally, the question of the essence of “see” is aroused.

Naosuke Wada
Born in Hyogo in 1983.
Completed from master course of Kyoto University of Art and Design (Currently known as Kyoto University of the Arts) in painting.
With reference to the classical technique called “glaze” with finely melted paint over multiple layers and presentation in a modern medium for creation. With the theme of light and space, his work is an attempt to create paintings with fluidity through the transmissive effect by layers constructions with highly transparent resin paint. Shapes and colors of layers are stacked together to capture the changing light over time and place. As the concept is well embodied in the work, it is actually changing from time to time when we look at it.