Gallery’s Collection
Masaaki Yamada
2017.01.20(Friday) - 2017.02.18(Saturday) OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00

Tezukayama Gallery is delighted to introduce its Masaaki Yamada collection as our first exhibition of 2017.

After WWII Yamada worked for over 50 years independently and has never join any group, always regarded “painting” as his life. In recent years, Japanese post war art has been refocused on internationally with Yamada as one of the new view point artists, with his work receiving a lot of attention, such as his solo show held at Frieze Masters in London in October 2016.

In Japan, his first retrospective exhibition is being held at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Tokyo until the 12th February, marking 6 years of his death.

Our exhibition, will be presenting a series from “WORK (1956-1995)” which is his longest series and volume of work.

As time passed, the impression of his image has changed, and although the motif is simple and minimal relying on patterns of stripes, crosses and grids his work remains expressive and highly visual by his usage of rich colours and unique brushwork.