Moriyuki Kuwabara Exhibition

2018.04.06(Friday) - 2018.04.28(Saturday) OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to announce an exhibition of the gallery’s collection of Moriyuki Kuwabara’s work.

Kuwabara was born in 1942 who creates art work only with a compass and ruler. At a glance, his work appears as if they were constructed automatically by fine machinery. However, it is simply hand drawn with a compass repeatedly. The endless creation of the circles upon the latticed points transform from form to lines. The overlap and congestion of the circles spreading across the surface materializes Kuwabara’s signature work.
In this coming exhibition, a selection of his earliest to most recent creations will be displayed.

光陰, 2016, acrylic on paper, 117 x 91 cm

相関張力, 2017, acrylic on paper, 128 x 127 cm