Maybe the First Time, vol. 8
One Piece Club’s Kansai Branch
2018.08.24(Friday) - 2018.08.28(Tuesday) OPENING PARTY: 8.24 FRI | 18 : 00 - OPEN : FRI - TUE | 12:00 - 19:00 *The final day will be closed at 6pm.

One Piece Club’s Kansai branch present a short exhibition of their collection from Friday 24 to Thursday 28 August. This is the 8th edition of their collection exhibition held at Tezukayama Gallery.

This is a rare and exciting look at the collections of some of Kansai’s most enthusiastic and active collectors. They hope to share their passion for, and encourage the collecting of art work. With a variety of work from local, up and coming Japanese artists to established Japanese and well-known foreign artists, this short exhibition is full of variety and energy, reflective of the members of the One Piece Club.