one hundred years of the star
Various Artists
2020.11.13(Friday) - 2020.12.12(Saturday) - OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00

Special Contribution: Yoshiko Nagai(Curator)

PRESS RELEASE[PDF]Special Contribution ‘Into the Darkness’ | Yoshiko Nagai[PDF]

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY / VIEWING ROOM is pleased to hold a group exhibition “one hundred years of the star” by three artists of Sakae Ozawa, Yasuka Goto and Kyoko Shindo.

In this exhibition, with the theme of Hōei Nojiri (1885-1977), a literary folklore scholar, presenting painting works that were inspired and created by various keywords surrounding Nojiri, such as astronomy, folklore, folk tales, mysteries, etc.


Sakae Ozawa
Born in Shiga prefecture in 1980. Lives and works in Kyoto. In 2003, graduated from Oil Painting Course, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of Arts and Design, Kyoto University of Arts. In 2008, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Starting from the words and imagined scenery within herself, she has created painting works using light brush strokes and colors, with motifs of landscapes and people reminiscent of foreign fairy tales and fantastic places. In addition, she handles a wide range of picture books and illustrations.

Yasuka Goto
Born in Hiroshima prefecture in 1982. Lives and works in Hiroshima. In 2004, graduated from Oil Painting Course, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts, Kyoto Seika University. She grew up hearing stories of the war experiences of her grandfather’s and great uncle’s since her childhood. She carefully investigated the conflicts and inner sufferings of unknown youngsters embed into the war, and countless episodes other than combat acts that have not been recorded in public history, and built her current style showing on graphic novel-type screen.

Kyoko Shhindo
Born in Tokyo Prefecture in 1982. Lives and works in Tokyo. In 2007, graduated from Oil Painting Course, Graduate School of Art and Design, Tama Art University. Under the theme of the “activity”, she uses the persons as motif, who were involved with herself, that is, the ones that actually exist, or based on the history and climate where she creates the story from, and has many published painting works with the motif of embodied fictitious creatures. By comparing her own experience and inner side with society, she has drawn something that has been reconstructed and made into a biologic form.