Yasuka Goto
2020.11.13(Friday) - 2020.12.12(Saturday) - OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00


TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to present Yasuka Goto’s solo exhibition “Spica” .

Goto was raised with her grandfather’s and great uncle’s war experiences since she was small, so she understands the conflicts and mental torture of many unknown youngsters in wartime, as well as countless episodes that have not been officially recorded as history. After a string of research, she drew on a huge canvas in a dramatic style that received positive reviews. In recent years, she also features with others and creates flexibly under the themes of her exhibition venues. Being consistently portrayed in her creation is still the life power of the times, such as Goto herself and the youngsters in the same period. Her works are discernible for the large and fearless frame all over a wall- that’s impressive and her strokes stays in audiences’ mind.

The work “Yukagaki-Gensun (Real Size Floor Markings)” was presented at the remains of Namura Shipbuilding in Osaka in 2011, in which the huge ship factory became the stage of two 10m long works in an incredible scale. That was a large success and received “Sakuyakonohana Award” and “Koji Kinutani Award”. She was also invited to participate in “Roppongi Crossing” in 2016 that made her popular and receiving a lot of public attention.

It’s her first solo exhibition in 5 years. The theme is “Hoei Nojiri (1885-1977), an astronomy and folkloristics scholar contributed tremendously to the studies and collection of oriental and western horoscopes and star names with a 20m enormous painting and many other new works.