「LIFE」 Hirohito Nomoto FRI 03 - SAT 25 FEB 2012
nomotoFacade 07 (ed.7), 2011, lambda print, 42.0 x 61.9 cm A few weeks after the Tohoku earthquake, the photographer, Hirohito Nomoto (a.k.a Nomoto Piro Piro) visited the disaster area where the earthquake and consequent tsunami caused the biggest damage, whilst there he started to work on the two photograph series, “Façade” and “Debris”. Firstly, “Façade”. Nomoto recorded the façade of various buildings such as residences, shops, schools and even sheds which were badly damaged but still left standing after the tsunami hit. Using a special lens, his work captures the façade of each building in detail emphasizing its structure, function and design. Almost like the work of an architecture photographer “Façade” aims to allow the viewer to try and see beauty amidst such catastrophic conditions. For “Debris”, he chose rubble as a topic. For this he used images of the tones of debris that were being shifted and trying to be classified in the devastated area. The images were taken with high quality digital equipment and edited on a computer to form a “patchwork” composed of millions of pixels to complete a single ultra-high-resolution image. Although the details of every single rubble pile can be clearly seen, when printed this overwhelming amount of information put together by a large number of pixels almost resembles an abstract painting.