'A View -Decomposition and Reconstruction-' Kaoru Soeno FRI 20 APR - SAT 12 MAY
soenoTezukayama Gallery is delighted to present "a view - Decomposition and Reconstruction-", a solo exhibition by Kaoru Soeno, a Japanese artist appreciated in Japan as well as internationally. Her work is praised by a varied audience. Her work mostly focuses on crowded sceneries such as a train station at rush hour or perhaps a busy intersection. However, by removing all the background information of the scene, she then concentrates solely on the people, capturing them on a black and white monotone. The scene becomes completely different offering the viewer the change to imagine its own new story.Soeno has pointed that the interesting thing is that a change in perspective is how she creates her work. Soeno has "decomposed" the charm of this motif to produce a new perspective, one that is presented as an art work. Tezukayama Gallery would like to present her works tentatively as a "reconstruction" in the gallery space to show the diluted but noisy sense of feel from the crowds and traffic scene. In the previous exhibition 3 years ago we exhibited the continuing 28 works methodically placed in the three walls which were utilised. On display this time there will be about 40 works shown in a different angle, her new "reconstruction". We look forward to seeing you at Tezukayama Gallery! She strongly feels that after removing its original meaning, a new one will stand out from the comings and goings of people in the cities that she draws.