Photo: Yuki Moriya

Kaoru Soeno
FRI 20 NOV – SAT 19 DEC 2015

Currently, Soeno is based in Kanagawa Prefecture, where she works with the motif of the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city.

Her work is based on a paired back, black and white plane. In recent years, Soeno has created group-work and has also began introducing splashes of color and foil, extending her range of expression.

Soeno draws the information around her, with buildings and landscape is as much as possible removed. By doing so, only the appearance of the crowd and the contour of the city that is tinged with anonymity remains. Everything emerges with a different flavor and appearance, of views that have been familiar.

When you see the flow of people coming and going through the town, each to their own and at the same time, you can feel the surrounding environment and feel that is changing from moment to moment. “Sometimes I feel somewhere distance from such a things, the feeling that can not be perceived to have a reality”, Soeno says.

Based on the reality and sense of wavering between non-reality that occurred in Soeno’s work, she is approaching the theme of ‘Fiction’ in this exhibition.

We will introduce about 20 new works, one of them being large-scale and produced during a residence program which Soeno completed during the summer.

During this exhibition, simultaneously, at Jill d’Art Gallery in Nagoya, a solo exhibition of Soeno will also be held. We hope you can catch this solo exhibition of Koaru Soeno at either gallery location. We look forward to welcoming you.

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