In Search of Eternity
Lucie & Simon
THU 10 JULY – SAT 02 AUG 2014

Tezukayama Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition of new work from international artists Lucie & Simon, from 10th July (Thu) – 2nd August (Sat) 2014, with the reception party on 15th July (Tue) from 18:00. Our Tezukayama exhibition is in conjunction with their exhibition at Art Osaka 2014, which was from 11th July (Fri) – 13th July (Sun).

Lucie & Simon are a French and Franco-German contemporary art duo who have been working together in Paris since 2005. They create dream-like photography and video work that questions our view of reality.

Lucie & Simon were last year selected from about 60 artists at the Jeune Création exhibition in Paris to exhibit their work here.

Their previous ‘Silent World’ series of photographs and video work, shot in four different countries, over a 5 year period (2009-2012), focus on the solitude of our subconscious. Many are shot in well-known locations such as Madison Square Garden, New York, and Place de l’Opera, Paris, usually bustling with people, now desolate, mysterious, eerie settings in which solitary characters are alone with thought and reflection.

In this exhibition we are introducing their new video work, shown for the first time. With this work, as the title suggests, Lucie & Simon are in search of eternity. A way in which to capture time and space forever. Shot between 2012-2013 in various working-class neighbourhoods of Paris, the scenes in the video are very different from our stereotypical, postcard images of the city.
To many Parisians, this is the real Paris. In these areas rent is increasing rapidly. As wealthy young people move into these neighbourhoods, the locals are being forced into the Paris suburbs. These areas, a huge part of Paris’ flavour and character, will be lost in a couple of years. Therefore, Lucie & Simon wanted to create this work as a freeze-frame and record of these particular areas in the current state. Can we imagine how these areas will transform in 5 to 10 years? In our secondary space we are exhibiting work from their previous series ‘Silent World’. The 21 polaroids are also being shown for the first time, along with framed prints from the same series.



Through the exploration of time and space in video and photography, we try to explore the nature of being and the world that encompasses it. The video takes the shape of a poetic journey into human life and activity, travelling slowly through people and the city that appear solidified, like frozen in time. It is this idea of an infinite world captured by the camera that interests us here.
A universe where the representation of human life and the way we perceive reality are put into question.

” Can time and space exist independently of the mind? ”

In this first chapter of the project shot during the period 2012-2013 in Paris, we concentrated ourselves on the last popular parts of the city, which are rapidly disappearing. The camera acts like a recorder of time here, capturing for the ages a living image of a city that will soon have vanished, metamorphosed.