'Maybe the first time, Vol. 4' ONE PIECE CLUB EXHIBITION SAT 23 AUG - SAT 30 AUG 2014
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the 4th 'Kansai One Piece Club' collector's exhibition. All collectors will exhibit the works which they have bought within the past year. This is a rare chance to see the artwork of these enthusiastic collectors of Kansai in one space. An interesting exhibition for other collectors, artists, gallery visitors and art lovers alike. The 'One Piece Club' is a group of devoted art collectors. There are three branches; Tokyo, Nagoya and here in Kansai. Each member must buy at least one piece of art each year (hence the name One-Piece Club). They must also have a strong passion for art. Year after year the membership is increasing in all branches. The members enjoy a life of viewing art, speaking to artists and sharing this joy with the other members of the club. We hope you will join us in celebrating this years collection from the Kansai 'One Piece Club'.