Shuzo Takiguchi Exhibition
Shuzo Takiguchi
TUES 13 MAY – SAT 14 JUN 2014

Shuzo Takiguchi (1903-1979) is known as a poet and art critic and for introducing surrealism to Japan. He supported a large number of young artists in promoting the true sprit of the avant-garde. For young artists before and after World War ll he was a strong leader and mentor. In 1958, Takiguchi served as commissioner of the Venice Biennale and while traveling in Europe met André Breton and Marcel Duchamp. These encounters were a turning point in his life, and on returning to Japan, he began creating artworks of his own. Through a large amount of experimentational drawings and paintings, he created a wide array of works: from burnt drawings (burnt with a flame), roto-dessins (drawing with a motor), decalcomania, water color paintings, etc. Despite being small in size, Takiguchi’s works are both high in quantity and in quality, therefore making it easy to appreciate him just as highly as an artist than as a poet and art critic.

Last year, the traveling exhibition “Poet and Art: Shuzo Takiguchi’s Surrealism” showcased activities and work from throughout Takiguchi’s life, including the poetic experiments of his adolescence, his work from before and after the war and his work after his life-altering time in Europe. This year, Tezukayama Gallery will present Takiguchi first and foremost, as an artist, exhibiting over 30 of his works, including drawings, roto-dessins and decalcomania, illustrating his original technique and approach.

On the 7th of June at 3pm we invite you to join our very special talk event between Takiguchi expert and researcher Mr. Nobuhiko Tsuchibuchi, and assistant director and chief curator of the ‘National Museum of Art Osaka’, Mr. Atsuhiko Shima, who was also a main curator of “To and from Shuzo Takiguchi” in 1988. Mr.Tsuchibuchi will also commentate on a visual presentation of Takiguchi’s important lecture in 1962.
We warmly welcome you to the gallery to join this exciting and unique event.