'The Other Side of the Gaps Between Your Toes' Takao Machiba FRI 29 JUN - SAT 28 JUL 2012
Installation: “あしのゆびのあいだのむこうがわ” Tezuakayama Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition "The Other Side of The Gaps Between Your Toes" by Takao Machiba. Machiba studied sculpture at the Kyoto City University of Arts and has been creating works with unique humour and narrative using various materials such as stone, steel and resin. In recent years, Machiba has challenged himself, trying to transform the entire exhibition space around his simple but yet intricate but powerful works. A daring approach and one that will work when showing high quality works. For instance, in 2010 at the Art Osaka hotel art fair, Machiba exhibited only two works, however he completely transformed an already dramatic hotel room into a new space packed with a strange sense of incongruity. The exhibition was as if to show the viewers different dimensions and it stimulated their imagination and garnered good reviews. Two years on, Machiba improved his style to transform the gallery space on his new exhibition. When he revises the simple white cube gallery space, Machiba almost inverses space itself and invites viewers into a dazed world. “Once I create the detail well, and then fill up or polish the surface in order to goes through the crush the detail. In other words I chip off the extra information, fix the image and stop time. Using single colours on purpose to remove the information of the particular colour as well, this makes it a conspicuous “figure” to fix. For instance, to make a hole as space, I create a clear edge of the hole." (by Takao Machiba)