Tamura Satoru & Osamu Kokufu Artist Talk Event

14 FEB 2014
16:00 〜



Artist Osamu Kokufu will join Satoru Tamura for a pre-party talk event at Tezukayama Gallery from 16:00. We are delighted to welcome you to this talk event with two of Japan’s leading large-scale metalwork and multi-media artists. Both artists utilise the same materials but both in their own unique way.

Osamu Kokufu completed the graduate course in sculpture at Kyoto City University of Art. He creates large-scale original machines called KOKUFUMOBIL, like materializations from a child-hood dream. His extensive collection of works have included a functioning wind-powered car, a tiny mobile garden inside a parabolic antenna and a whale-shaped skeleton robot. His works seek to question man’s relationship with machines and the environment, and what role they each play in supporting our lifestyles.

After the talk event we will hold Tamura’s ‘Love Machine’ closing party. This will be your final chance to see the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you this Valentine’s Day. ♥