Y atelier
Yoshiyuki Ooe
FRI 21 NOV – SAT 20 DEC 2014

Tezukayama Gallery is extremely proud to present Yoshiyuki Ooe’s solo exhibition “Y atelier”. 

Ooe was born in 1980 and lives and works in Osaka. He began painting self portraits at the beginning of his career but in 2007 turned mostly to creating sculptures using the image of a boy.

“Making artwork as a device which connects between present feelings and old emotions in our lives, and also opens up our individual memory is one of the main themes of his work. We also see purity and innocence, but also an empty feeling or grief in his work.

In 2011 Ooe had his first solo exhibition at Tezukayama Gallery, which was a huge success and since then his work has been shown internationally and the reputation of his high-quality work continues to grow.

Three years later, he is prepared with an exciting collection of brand-new work to exhibit.
Daily life, piles of drawings, overlapping of the colors of posters randomly stuck on the wall in his room and many familiar sights seen on his way to the atelier.

Ooe realized that by repeating an action or image of his daily life, and the information which surrounds him, there comes a moment when the shape of the artwork emerges. His motive for creating a new work is not based on a pre-established harmony, but based on a series of behaviours such as ‘looking’, ‘collecting’ and ‘holding’. These actions are the most important processes in creating an art work, but showing the artwork as an exhibition is included as an important process.

The theme of this exhibition is imaginary space, however, it expresses the process of how Ooe created the artwork and how he built up his imagination in his head. This will be a very interesting experimental show as well.